Back Magic

backmagicPrice: Rs.1,995

Back magic is created specifically to completely alleviate the back pain caused by improper spinal alignment, lumbar curve disruption, and tense muscles. This product is easy and convenient to use and concentrates mainly on the lumbar section of the back. For those who suffer from spinal tension and compression, the product provides immense relief.

Tending to Back Pain

Most of the time people do not maintain the right posture while sitting or standing, leading to unwanted pressure on the lower back and the neck curves. The postural muscles connected to the spine stiffen and tense because of this pressure causing pain. To relieve this pain caused by the strain on the back, using Back Magic is an effective and easy way.

How it Relieves Pain?

The product when used twice per day for five minutes gives you relief from back pain by

• Stretching your back and relieving the muscular tension

• Improving the posture

• Ensuring that the muscles and the spine become more flexible and less prone to stress

Special Feature

Back Magic plus uses the Trigger Point Massage technique which is used by professional Massage therapists. This massage involves application of thumb pressure on the back to reduce tension and improve the muscle relaxation allowing them to stretch in a better way. The product top is designed with 10 nodes shaped like the thumb tip. The tips aligned on either side of the spine cradle of the product produce the same pressure as in the technique and this is also identical to the Reflexology and Shiatsu principles. Since the technique usually needs only 2 minutes to release the trigger points, using Back Magic for five minutes will increase the benefit received.

How Safe and Effective it is?

The product’s safety has been tested and it is endorsed as well as recommended by Physicians, massage therapists, and chiropractors. Athletes are more prone to back pain which the product successfully relieves and its powerful action is attested by professional athletes, physical trainers, and fitness experts too.

Easy to Use

The user guide given along with the product should be read thoroughly and followed for getting maximum results. Generally, two sessions in a day is sufficient to get the required relief, but some may need three times to see noticeable results. Initially the product should be used for one minute to give your body time to adjust to the effects. Once the flexibility and body posture improves, the exposure time can be increased

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